LaNaveBCN studios” is based in the emblematic building, “Edific Freixas”, L’Hospitalet, Barcelona. It was begun as an Association of Culture of Arts in May 2007, founded by the sculptor, Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson(UK) and the potter, Paola Masi(Italy).

The project began with the need to generate new spaces for artists and creators where benefiting from a multicultural environment, the different techniques, methods and diverse forms of creativity, a creative dialogue and exchange of ideas is generated.

Edifici Freixas” is an industrial building from the 60s, originially a factory and now a microcosmos of industrial workshops along side international artists and designers.

Edifici Freixas: News and Publicity links about the exhibition and open studios 2013!

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Graham Collins
Since the 1992 Olympics, people have flocked to Barcelona in search of a new life under the sun. Among them was Collins, who switched from renovation to property guru and interior designer when the recession hit ( ). Now he helps locals, expats and investors find and create the homes of their dreams.
While the sun, sea and light have been massively influential to his work - along with the prevalence of art nouveau and deco everywhere - what most excites him is the endless influx of new blood. “My assistant, Sophie Thompson, is an artist ( with a space called La Nave (, where designers and artists come for six months just for the experience. Their energy provides a lot of inspiration to more long-term residents.”
Perhaps thanks to the recession, Collins says lived-in design is playing an increasingly important role everywhere here. “It’s becoming more homely and relaxed, rather than the stark, very po-faced design of a decade or so ago.””